New Items And Deals On The Fast Food Front


Following a low carbohydrate diet is a great way to lose a few pounds in a short amount of time. The problem is you get so tired of eating the same things. Here are a few ideas to help you spice things up again!

Well, what of their soups? Not even $5.00. Try chicken nuggets nutrition Unbelievable. Moreover, they are served with fresh bread. A good thing, because for that melt-in-your-mouth taste, I love to mince my bread up into little pieces, and eat it in my soup.

Many open booths and tables, but we still had to wait eight minutes to be seated, maybe they needed more than one host. We were seated and our server greeted us, five minutes later and asked for a drink and/or appetizer order. We ordered a couple of Margaritas and chips and salsa. Chili's still has some of the best salsa, but this night they had the worst chips. Many stuck together, with grease floating carbs in chicken tenders between, some were stale while some others were under done. OK, first mistake, told server, she replaced with better chips, enough said.

Mount Everest Restaurant has every beverage you would want, to include, Soda, Tea/Coffee, Iced Tea, and Juice. Lassi, a delicious flavored yogurt drink, is also offered. There is no B.Y.O.B here! Mount Everest Restaurant has Cocktails, Beer, Wine, and Spirits for you to enjoy with your meal. And in the rare case that you or other members of your dining party are not in the mood for Indian cuisine during your visit, you can always eat from the American Cuisine options. The American options are very delicious. Subs, Fries, How many calories in chicken tenders, Pizza, you name it, Mount Everest can cook it!

Meal Starters by Morningstar farms usually come in a bag and are available in "chicken" strips, "steak" strips and ground "meat". I use the "meat" crumbles in chili and even carnivores enjoy it. The Morningstar Farms website contains many recipes to be made with each of their products. Or if you are not much of a cook, simply heat and eat. That's what I do and it couldn't be easier to have a hot meal in a short time by popping a Morningstar farms product in the microwave.

Baby Green and Snow Pea Salad make a nice appetizer to a steak dinner. Serve asparagus (or any steamed vegetable of your choice) and baked sweet potato. Use a butter substitute on your potato to keep calories down but pour on the cinnamon. Don't feel bad about eating baked sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are good, fibrous low carb chicken tenders that your body will readily work off or eliminate.

Then there is the selection. They have smoothies, shakes, innumerable sundae options, and every day there is a new custard flavor. These flavor combinations and selections run from the mundane -- Chocolate Mint, to the exotic -- Raspberry Mudslide and many others in between.

The kids love it too! Heck, they can put them together for you while you are changing out of your work clothes after a busy day! Kids really love honey mustard chicken pitas with the pita grilled and topped with melted cheese. Monterey Jack or Swiss is a favorite and mighty tasty!