How many calories in chicken tenders 


The Super Bowl is no doubt a great time to watch football, spend time with friends and be entertained with creative advertising. It is also a highly anticipated time to eat yummy food and snacks. If you're hosting a party, you probably are thinking of serving chips and dip, hot dogs, pizza and a variety other high fat and high-calorie...

It's almost that time again! It's almost time for swimming pools and water parks! I love this time of year! I have always loved to swim, and I love a good water park. Let's look at Alabama Water Parks for some fun in the sun in Bama! carbs in freddy's chicken tenders

It's March Madness, but there is no reason to have anyone mad when you serve up these five fabulous recipes that adults and children alike will enjoy.

Choices include: "Devil's Spit" (the hottest), Texas pit (spicy, with cumin and peppers), sweet and zesty, Georgia mustard (with vinegar), or rich and sassy (midwestern style, with molasses).